Maori Pattern Meanings

Koru: A koru is like a circle shaped of a necklace that can be worn as a special token.
Hook: The hook is used for hunting sharks or fish or can be worn as a maori necklace.
Shark Tooth: The shark tooth is a necklace that has been ripped out of a shark's mouth and put together with some strong string.


Hunted ‘Rorke! Tell us what happened to Ajax’? Said Elias.‘I won’t tell you anything’.‘Logan, Hesh drag the chair to the door’ .So this is how it’s going to end Elias?Bring it! Suddenly a ship comes down and destroys our ship and then everyone falls out but me.‘You’re a good kid but not as me,Everyone deserves a second chance’. Bang! I go flying into the trees but before I land I pull my parachute and it gets stuck in the trees.I already know it was just the beginning.
I cut the parachute and land in a scary jungle.I know I am being hunted because I saw my mini map,‘Hesh where is Logan’? ‘I see him falling in the trees’. ‘DANG IT!’ ‘Logan if you can hear me find a way out of the jungle now’! I start walking and see two men.I sneak up and stab the two men without being spotted.I pick up the weapons.The weapons were just Usr’s.‘Logan’ replied Elias you’re almost there I can see you on my mini map.‘Logan are you okay?,said Murrick.Yeah I say quietly.‘Okay team meet back at the Federation ba…

My Paddle

My Paddle My Paddle means a lot to me because it is like being a leader of my cultures. It also means like I’m representing everything that supports me. I think that the patterns on my Paddle remind me of the patterns that are designed from Moana. Everything that is on my Paddle is something that I will always represent to people so I can show them my way of doing things.

All About Me

Hi my name is Kaizen and I am ten years old. I go to Rangikura school and I like to play games. My favourite games are Cod,Battlefield and Madden, I want to have a good year with all my friends so I can learn. My favourite food is Pizza, Butter Chicken and Mcdonalds. I love to eat because sometimes I like to stuff my face with food. My goal I want to achieve is to be a good role model so I get a good education and a job.


Wednesday-Sleepover At School
After we came back from Te papa and Nga taonga we had to go straight home because we had to come back at 5:45 for some games and movies.While I was at home I had to have a shower and eat some dinner.My dinner was chicken and chips.I felt really hungry when I was in the shower.

When we were at school we had food and to eat and games to play.The first game we played was non stop cricket and then soccer.What I wanted to play was spotlight because it is in the dark and because it is fun.

We got to watch a movie called flubber,that was kind of funny in the first part but in the second it wasn’t.I don’t know why but I just thought that it wasn’t really that funny.

Next it was bedtime I had some time to go and find a place to go and sleep so I just moved so know that I wouldn't get distracted and then went to sleep.

This was really fun and liked the games that I got to play.

Wednesday-Te Papa/Nga Taonga Sound Vision

Te Papa/Nga Taonga Sound Vision On Wednesday Pohutukawa went on a trip to Te Papa and Nga Taonga Sound Vision.First we went to Te Papa.I really loved it when we were at Te Papa,the people in my group was Norry,Noah,Faith,Jurrney and Benjamin.Our topic was about bugs and the Ngāti Toa tribes and about   what they used for wars.

First we went to the 2nd level to find out the amazing bugs and what type of variation it was.The first bugs that we went to go find out about was the moths that are now extinct,mostly we were discovering about spiders and beetles.Then we finished and moved on to our next topic about the ngati toa we leant that the haka kamate that the all blacks do at the start of the game is ngati toa haka that we just knew about on that day.

Before we left Te Papa we got to have some lunch because we were in there for a very long time so we were pretty hungry.When we finished eating we went to Nga taonga sound vision all we leant was when maori people had rules that we didn’t ha…

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